Pile Integrity Testing

Pile Integrity Testing

Pile integrity investigations are performed to evaluate integrity and determine the length of deep foundations. Sonic Echo is also commonly known as Pile Integrity Testing or Low Strain Dynamic.

The SE/IR test can be performed on concrete and steel piles. The test can also be performed on shallow wall structures. It can be used to determine the depth of a foundation, to locate defects, intrusions, and bulbs in the foundation or pile damage such as breaks or cracks. The beauty of these two methods is that they use the same raw data but treat it differently.

How it works

In an SE/IR pile test, the foundation top is struck by a hammer and the response of the foundation is monitored by one or more receivers (geophone or accelerometer). An Olson Instruments Sonic Echo / Impulse Response (SE/IR-1) system and testing platform records the hammer input and the receiver output.

  • Structural investigations of structures where a foundation or pile depth is unknown
  • Assessing the condition of foundations or piles
  • Investigation of damage to foundations or piles
  • Investigation of bulbs in foundations or piles

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