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Land surveying is the science of measuring and mapping relative positions. This applies above, on, or under the surface of the earth. It also includes establishing such positions from legal or technical documents. Our experienced team is using the latest technology to provide detailed land surveys. At GEO (UK) Ltd our clients are based throughout the UK.

The Role of a Land Surveyor

Land surveyors deal with both the mathematical and physical aspects of measuring. A land surveyor also applies these measures to the legal aspect of boundary law. Using modern tools, the role of the land surveyor and how he uses measuring is changing. It is also changing how maths is applied to the work. The use of these tools is key to reduce the labour involved. All the while, the accuracy of the work is getting better.

When You Need a Land Survey

A land survey is helpful in many cases. Here is a list showing when you should acquire a land survey:

    • The location of the property line on the ground is not clear.
    • No legal description or older land survey exists to clearly define the land.
    • If the location of your property corners is unclear
    • Prior to the division of land
    • When a lender requires a survey for a mortgage
  • Before you build a fence building or something close to an unknown property line
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