Topographical Land Surveys

A Topographical Survey provides an accurate map of existing land, showing levels, key features, property boundaries and surface types.


Accurately mapping land and boundaries

Our Topographical Land Survey team can be deployed to accurately measure any site using high accuracy equipment, utilising GNSS (GPS) and EDM (Electronic Distance Measuring) Technology. Our team gain levels and all above ground features, this data in turn processed into AutoCAD and an accurate plan is produced.

Getting the full picture

Any survey can be carried out in both 2D and 3D. Topographical land surveys can be combined with a utility survey to gain a full picture of both above and below ground features. Here at GEO (UK) Ltd we’re always happy to discuss your survey requirements and options. 

Applications for a Topographical Survey are typically...

  1. Pre-design of buildings
  2. Quantification of land mass (Mound Surveys)
  3. Level Surveys
  4. As Built Surveys of new infrastructure and buildings
  5. Boundary Surveys

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